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Just going to put up a quick introduction to myself - copy-pasted from my Tumblr About Me page, before I get on to other things. 

This blog is most likely going to turn into my corner to rant about personal things, like asexuality for instance.

  • I have Carpophobia.
I’m putting this one up top, so people read it first.

Simply put, Carpophobia is the fear of wrists. To get into more detail - and please keep in mind that I do not like talking about this, it is a real phobia and it is not pleasant - Carpophobia means I do not like to look at or touch my own wrists, I do not like to look at or touch other people’s wrists, I do not like to see other people looking at or touching wrists and I do not like other people looking at or touching my wrists.

On good days, I can ignore my wrists and other people’s wrists quite happily. On bad days, the mere sight of one - my own, or someone else’s - will trigger both a physical and a mental reaction.

Physically, I get flushed and hypersensitive and hyper-aware of my wrists. Mentally, thoughts of my wrists, other people’s wrists, the damage that can be done to them, images of injured wrists, images of people injuring their wrists and so on will circle in my head, in a rinse-repeat manner until either I successfully distract myself or someone manages to distract me.

Someone touching my wrist is likely to end in me yelping, squealing or shrieking at them and cringing, curling in on myself and fighting to make sure no-one else can touch me.

It is not fun, it is not nice and I do not like it.

 I know it’s a rare phobia and most people don’t get it and probably think I’m just being bloody silly - but this is just how I am.

  • I’m an anti-theism atheist - I will rant about religion

This does not mean that I hate religious people. I hate religions and religious organisations (for example, the Catholic Church or the Church of Scientology).

My oldest, closest friend is a Christian Baptist, we’ve known each other since we were 11, we’re now 28, so I’m not going to jump down every religious persons throat just for being religious.

What I will do, however, if given a chance, is discuss. I enjoy talking about religion and discussing the various faiths people adhere to. I don’t believe any of it and I likely never will (unless someone does the impossible and finds some real evidence) but I enjoy talking about it.


  • I’m a skeptic - I will rant about psuedoscience

This means that I hate things like Homeopathy, Chiropracty and Accupuncture. None of these things has any evidence to prove the claims made by their practitioners. In fact, what they have an over-abundance of is evidence to the contrary, research and studies that prove that, in fact, they do not work.

I am skeptical of the entire ‘alternative health’ industry. Everything from those things mentioned above, to Ayeurvedic to Crystal Therapy to Magnet Therapy to Faith Healing and everything in between.

This also means I am skeptical of Alien abductions/visitations, Crop Circles, Atlantis, Fairies, Angels, Unicorns, Leprachauns, superstitions of all sorts, Past Lives and so on.

Basically, if it doesn’t have good empirical evidence to back up it’s claims? I’m skeptical of it.


  • I’m a feminist - I will rant about women’s rights

I’m a well educated, opinionated, white woman nearing her thirties. I have no problems whatsoever expressing my opinions.

I believe women are and should be treated as equals to men. I believe women should have access to contraceptives, abortions and any and all information pertaining to their sexual health.

I believe we live in a rape-culture and that this needs to change. I believe women the entire world over - of every colour, creed, nationality - should have access to education and employment.


  • I’m Asexual and support LGBTQIA rights - I will rant about LGBTQIA rights

I am Pan-platonic Aromantic Asexual with CD tendencies, though I previously identified as Pansexual. I have Heterosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual and Asexual friends and family.

I believe that people are people, whatever their sexuality and whatever their gender identity. I believe that all people should have the same rights, human rights.

This includes the right to marry and the right to adopt. This includes the right to express their sexuality or lack-thereof and gender-identity without fear of harm or persecution.


  • I’m an artist 

I have trained in art since my early teens. I took Art in many forms at GCSE level, at A-Level, at Foundation Level and at University. I am preparing to re-enter University to take a PGCE to teach Art to Key Stages 3 and 4 (ages 11 to 17).

Because of my aspirations to teach I try to keep my personal life clear of Tumblr, as I’m fairly certain any prospective employers won’t want to know about my love of drawing/writing about hot gay loving.

I worked as a Freelance Artist for over a year, working on a commission basis for many and varied clients. I am still available for commissions - if you would like something by me, just get in contact.

I love art. I love reading about art, I love looking at art, I love learning about and studying art. I love almost all forms of art (though I have reservations when it comes to ‘Modern’ art, and I’ll rant about it to anyone who cares to listen).

I almost went into Concept Art for the gaming industry and actually spoke to a number of companies before deciding against it.


  • I’m a writer 

I’m an amateur writer. I have a couple novels planned out and will one day write them. As it stands though, I spend a lot of time writing Fanfiction.

I write for a number of Fandoms and I write in a number of genre’s, so there’s likely to be something there for you to enjoy XD


  • I’m a cat lover - I have two cats and will pic-spam them at every occasion
I own two cats, Moogle and her daughter, Twisp.

Moogle is a rescue cat, sort of. She turned up on my doorstep one day about four years ago. I and my BF of the time decided to take her in and feed her and see if anyone had lost a cat.

No-one had, so we kept her. Six weeks later, she gifted us with three kittens. Twisp and her brothers, Spork and Tigger. We re-homed Tigger, but the girl who wanted to take Spork ended up unable to keep him, so we kept him as well as Twisp.

Since then, I have lost the BF but kept my cats XD

Unfortunately, when Spork and Twisp were only 15months old, Spork was knocked down and killed near my home.

This has resulted in my being a little paranoid of my surviving cats. So I am incredibly indulgent of Moogle and Twisp and take photographs of them at every opportunity.

I spam said photographs on a frequent basis. Get used to it XD


  • I’m a fangirl 
I really am a Fangirl - and an eclectic one at that. Here’s a list of Fandoms for you, though I fangirl more than I can remember at the moment:

Harry Potter
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Stargate SG1
Wire In The Blood
Spirited Away
Howl’s Moving Castle
The Shanara series
Lord Of The Rings
10th Kingdom
Tin Man
Dr Who

I fangirl so many things - sometimes completely random things will turn up on my blog, so don’t be surprised by that, ok?


  • I like to bake

I’ve not had a chance to bake recently, but whenever I do, I’ll spam with images of my process as well as the finished products.

Until I get baking again, I will spam with cookie and cupcake images I find on the net, because I just love looking at them, I find them inspiring XD


I am eclectic and possibly random and definitely opinionated - this is a personal blog - if any of the above worries you or annoys you, just hit unfollow.

I like to talk to people, so send me a message anytime.
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