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  • I am asexual
  • asexual - a person who does not experience sexual attraction; many asexuals still experience romantic attraction and identify as heteromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, or panromantic
  • I am aromantic
  • aromantic — an aromantic individual is someone who does not experience romantic attraction or a desire for romantic relationships. There are aromantic asexuals, as well as aromantic sexual people of all sexual orientations. An aromantic person’s feelings on relationships, physical affection, emotional closeness, commitment, etc will vary widely from person to person. It should be noted that while some aromantic people prefer to live alone and remain unpartnered, many other aromantic people actively desire one or more serious/long-term platonic partner(s) and may or may not desire cohabitation with their partner(s). Some aromantics hate being touched, while others love it. Some aromantics want children, many don’t.
  • I desire a queerplatonic relationship
  • queerplatonic relationship - the term “queerplatonic” was coined in the aromantic asexual community to describe the kind of nonromantic, emotionally intimate relationship that many aromantics desire. This kind of relationship is different—arguably, more—than a normative friendship, in that it emotionally transcends what the average, contemporary friendship feels like and means. Expectations in a queerplatonic relationship are greater than in a friendship. Queerplatonic relationships can be open or closed and can function as a primary partnership (which many aromantic people desire) in which the partners live together or near each other and explicitly commit to the relationship, treating it as the equivalent of any romantic-sexual couple relationship, in terms of emotional and practical importance. A queerplatonic relationship can occur between any two people, regardless of their sexual and/or romantic orientations. The “queer” in queerplatonic refers to the relationship, not the people in the relationship. Queerplatonic relationships and love occupy a space in between platonic relationships and romantic relationships.
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